Seasoned salmon with vegetables – that’s my answer for a full lunch. While I am not a huge fan of fish, I have to say I enjoy eating it once in a while, especially because it is so full of nutrients, satious and great for diets and weightloss aswell.

I will not waste any more time describing it. You will see how awesome it tastes if you try this (and also if you are a salmon lover). I have to praise my boyfriend for trying to learn how to cook. He did the seasoning and prepared the salmon and the result was amazing 😀 . I wrote the recipe for the seasoning following his instructions. He wanted to spoil me for a day as a delayed Valentine’s Day gift. I have to say it was totally worth it. It’s about the small gestures ♥



2-3 medium Zucchini

2 medium Tomatoes

3-4  medium Potatoes (about 300 grams)

1 Onion

Carrots – 200 grams

Salmon – 200-300 grams

Magic seasoning – Find how to do it here

Cooking process

Start this recipe by preparing the seasoning first ( find out how here ). After the seasoning is ready, place it over the salmon and let it marinate for about 20-30 minutes in a separate bowl. In the meantime, prepare the vegetables and the cooking tray. Cut the freshly washed zucchini in medium pieces and place them on the cooking tray. Cut tomatoes in round medium slices and do the same with the onion and the carrots.Also peel and cut potatoes in medium cubes and place them all in the cooking tray aswell. Add condiments by taste. I used oregano, pepper and a bit of paprika.


Optional: You may add baking paper on the cooking tray before placing the vegetables. I do this in order to avoid having the food stuck on the bottom, because I usually do not add oil when I cook the food.

After all the vegetables are prepared, add a bit of water over them (about 30 ml, depending on the plate size) and put them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees celsius. When done, carefully place the seasoned salmon over the vegetables and add the rest of the seasoning (if there’s anything left) over the whole composition. Cook everything for another 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees celsius. That’s it. In the end, the onion pieces may look a little bit burned as in the images below, but they taste amazing combined with the vegetables and the salmon.


You are done. Bonne apetit! 


If you can dream it, you can do it ♥



What you need to know

  • I am not a professional cook, nor a native english speaker, but I do my best to provide you with the most detailed recipes I can write. If you feel that something is missing, do not hesitate to contact me anytime. Feedback is the best. ♥
  • Every ingredient was scaled, scanned (if it was packed) and introduced into MFP (My Fitness Pal) to get an approximate number of calories.
  • I use MFP as a refference for counting calories. It is an app that you can also download that help you count your calories.
  • The calorie numbers are approximate, based on MFP database at the time of use.
  • I use CICO (calorie in-calorie out) as a diet refference. My recipes are usually based on CICO (counting the calories) ( but I also keep track on the macros). It may not be good for everyone – some people simply lose weight with other methods. Everything is effective as long as it works for you.
  • We all have different food tastes. What is good for some people, may not fit for others. If you think this recipe may not be for you, it is totally fine ♥


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Hugs, Yuna ♥